Heading back North

3 weeks in Queenstown. Crazy weeks. I had a fun time here, met really cool people and have been partying a lot. That’s all this town is about.

But clearly, this is not really what my travel is about. Living in a very busy and noisy Hostel, sharing a messy room with 7 other people with totally different sleeping time, being unsuccessful by getting a job, doubting about my plans for the next months. I got a little bit tired and feel like having a more healthier rhythm of life. Many reasons for a change, the time has come. I decided to leave and get back on the road.

I will head back to Wellington, hang out with my friend Andy there, and get some work.  I will hitch hike from tomorow over the West coast and hopefully reach Picton by the end of the week to catch the ferry. I’m really excited about exploring this yet unknown part of the south Island. I will also meet my friend Mikki on the way, that is travelling on the opposite direction but on the same road.

In order to compensate the lack of content on the blog over the last weeks, here is a new video of my pictures over the last 3 months..  pretty much all my trip over the beautiful south Island. Enjoy.



I have been in Queenstown for one week now. What a transition after many weeks in the nature. This highly touristic town is THE spot for all adrenaline lovers, and party people. The world first bungee jump site has been built here, followed by all kind of extreme sports and activities: (ski, bungee, skydive, paragliding, canyoning, mountain bike, dirt, wakeboard, and many many more…). This town has also many cool late bars, a very busy nightlife at any day of the week. It feels like all the travelers, after weeks or months of traveling around the country, are going crazy once they get to Queenstown. So did I.
Unfortunately, this place is very expensive, and i cant afford any of the very tempting activities for now. I just have been walking around, tried the dirt jump park with Tjark (he came down to Queenstown for 3 days before leaving the country), and went partying, of course.
Im actually staying at a big hostel, and i’m working for accommodation since my first day here. 3 hours housekeeping a day for a free bed. Fair enough. I also have been looking for a job here, but it is apparently easier to get hired when the winter season starts. This might be an option by then.
For now, I’m just enjoying my time and might stay for one more week, I’ll check the job options and decide later where I’m heading next. Just takin’ it easy.