Hitch-Hiking South

“No plans? the most exciting plan” I left Hanmer Springs on Monday morning, bye bye Max&Marmot’, hitch-hiking on my own to Christchurch (I had some stuffs left there, remember?).

Pretty sad atmosphere there, the damages of the earthquake are far more impressive that i could ever imagine. The whole city centre has been badly destroyed, and still today there is a large red zone, a no man’s land. You can read distress on the faces. Very impressive. I spend the night in a very unfriendly and expensive hostel (-), but I met Karl (+). He just arrived in NZ and he is heading south. Hmm well, why not? we are hitch-hiking together on the next day.

Hitch-hiking: A great and cheap way to travel but with constant uncertainty. It feels great, ecological, human, cooperative. And sometimes (when you have been waiting more than 45 min) you feel like being marginal of the society, judged by your outlook, “why the fuck are those people selfish or scared?”. I never been waiting more than an hour tough, New Zealand is great.

We spent one night (free) camping next to Lake Tekapo, and we reached Mount Cook village on the next day. We have been hiking around during 2 days, WOW! Climbing a mountain facing Mount Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand (3754m) with endless glaciers, priceless. I have no words to describe it, but a few pictures below.

We left the town this morning and managed to get to Queenstown in the afternoon. I will look for a job here. And maybe settle for a few weeks.


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