KAIAHO Eco-Lodge

I left Takaka on Saturday last week, but I had no idea where I was gonna stay until Monday.
Some of the guys from the camp were going to a music festival and had to go pick pick up a friend (Tina) in Nelson, so I decided to take a ride with them.
I got very lucky again. Once there, I met Tina’s boyfriend that kindly offer me to spend the afternoon at the beach and a couch for the night. His name is Tjark, he is German, and we quickly got along with each others. We spent the night out together, went to a very nice electro/didjeridu concert. And as I told him about my plans, he decided to contact the lodge and ask if he could join for the woofing. Positive answer, we were hitting the road together on the next day. And after a night camping, we were at Havelock on Monday.

What a fantastic week! Our host Don pick us up with his boat, and after 45min ride trough the amazing landscapes we reached the Kaiaho Eco-lodge on a small Island in the Kenepuru Sound. A dream place. The house is very spacious and has a big balcony with an amazing view on the see and the hills. A very eco-friendly place: Solar powered electricity; the water is collected from the rain, filtered and boiled to make it drinkable; dry toilets, etc.. This way of living requires a very good organisation, and we learned a lot from Don that build this place and made it work in total autonomy. Respect.

We spent our days working of few hours for our host but also walking around, swimming, kayaking, and I even been fishing! Thanks to Tjark cooking skills, we made very nice dinners, and had good kiwi wines and conversations. It was definitely one of my best experience in New Zealand so far.

New week, new plans. I got in touch with Max and “Marmotte”, two french friends that i haven’t seen in years. They invite me to join them in the region of Christchurch, to go for one week tramping. I left the lodge this morning and I’m now hitch hiking down south, and I will hopefully reached the point of meeting (Arthur’s pass) by tomorrow. By the way, i had a little stop on the way (next to Kaikoura) to see this:


4 thoughts on “KAIAHO Eco-Lodge

  1. Woaw, it really seems wonderful! Your trip is so-daily-unexpected and the landscapes are kinds of postcards. I’m really impressed. Sweet thoughts from Paris’s polluion, with love. Hé.

  2. wow ! I did a paper on New Zealand, I really would like to go there! you are very lucky 😉 greetings from Poland
    Agnieszka .

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