TAKAKA – Harmony

So as told in my last post, I decided to leave Nelson and go straight to Takaka to meet my friend Mikki.. This little town is really relaxed, many hippies around. This is definitely a big spot for backpackers, located in the wonderful “Golden Bay”.

Mikki introduced me to the free camping very close to the town. Amazing, well hidden in bushes, next to the river. A little spontaneous community, where everyone shares his food and wine, cook together, we even built a oven! I’ll stay here for a week at least. A very cheap and relaxing way of life, very close to the nature. I spend my days swimming at the river or hitch-hiking to the next beach..

(updated on 14.02) I got a confirmation this morning to do some woofing from next monday, at Kaiaho eco-lodge. I heard from Chantale about this magical place located on a nature reserve and only accessible with a boat!! I just got in touch with the hosts trough their website and luckily got a positive answer! I cant wait to discover this isolated piece of nature..


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