“Where am i gonna stay tonight?”

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09.02.12. First steps on the south Island.

I took the ferry from Wellington to Picton, and started hitch-hiking straight to Nelson. I met a Chinese girl going to the same destination, so we hitch-hiked together. Quite easy even for 2 people, we didn’t wait more than 20 minutes even in some really quite areas. We took a lift with 3 different drivers, the last one was a really crazy dude. He told us about his way of life, between the dream of becoming a stuntman (until the day he broke his back as he jumped from a roof, totally drunk, and missed the mattress) and his job as a Gold-digger. Mostly in real gold mines but sometimes on his own, on very-hard-to-acces spots. “You need some balls..” he said. Epic.

I reached Nelson in the evening, the weather is way warmer than Wellington even at 8pm! I looked for a hostel, but everything was packed because of a music festival (and the high touristic season)… after a few tries and walk around i finally found a bed at some lodge – bit expensive- so I hope I’ll find some place cheaper for tonight. It is really funny to get into the backpacker life (that I didn’t really experienced so far), and meet people living on very short terms plans. The main interrogation in the morning is “where am i gonna stay tonight?”, just like me..

My plans? try to catch up with Mikki that should be in the same area at the moment, apply for some woofing places,  I already got a positive answer for an amazing place apparently, but only for less than a week at the end of February.

PS: By the time I published this post, i got a text from Mikki “Im at TAKAKA. Get yourself and hith hike here fast. We have a great camp area for free and there is a great live band playing tonight” > Looks like I have a plan for tonight hahah!


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