Step 3: “Adventure”

How to qualify this day? SURREALISM might be the most appropriate word.

As if the Nature herself was giving me a sign, my day started with a 5.7 earthquake at 7am, almost synchronised with my alarm. Even if I had a quite short sleep last night, I got up within 0,2sec to look for a shelter. No damages, but because the flat is on the 7th and top floor of the building, we got really shaked. Scary.

“Time to move on”. After more than 2 months in Wellington, and after a few weeks of thinking about it, I finally took this decision last night. I’m heading to the south Island next week!! It is meant to be the most amazing, beautiful and natural part of New Zealand and that is totally exciting! I’m going in a real adventure style, by my own, and hitch-hiking..

I went to work and told my boss that I was quitting. So grateful to them, as I got offered to work many many hours in a pretty short period (i have been working more than 60 hours/week!). Which allowed me to save enough money to be able to keep travelling. Thank you and good bye! On the way back to town, I got immersed on this very special weekend in Wellington: The Sevens. It’s a rugby event (you guys realize how big the rugby is in New Zealand), with the particularity that the teams are made of 7 guys instead of 15. The games take place in the Stadium, but there is also a lot going on in the city centre, and almost everyone is dressed up with crazy costumes… I totally forgot about it even if i was told. So imagine my reaction as I got back to the city, right after quitting my job, and saw thousands of people in the streets partying with amazing costumes… Surrealistic (^) !

As a conclusion, I want to say how much I loved this episode of Wellington, “the coolest little capital of the world”. I was really happy to meet so many cool people here, and I am especially thankful to Andy and Kura of course, that both made my time here fantastic and fun!! I got one weekend left, and its now time to celebrate… : )



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