Retrospective – 2 months in 4minutes

I have been working quite a lot over the last week, it is going fine. I have been carrying lot of heavy stuffs and I discovered some unexpected muscles in my body! Fitness for free. Quite a funny experience to work with those real kiwi guys. Having some deep conversations about chicks, cars, TV shows,… with the strongest accent ever. It sounds ironic, but this is not offensive at all, they all are really friendly and funny. I also got another part time job (10hours/week) offer thanks to my friend Andy, to do some online marketing for an Iphone App company. So I might be able to combine the 2 jobs. And I’m still hoping to get an interview at the movies studios or at the workshop, witch would definitely be the best option.

Back to the “Retrospective“. I finally got some days off and i decided to edit a short video out of all the pictures taken over the 2 last months. You will recognize a few of them, but i already have taken more than 1000 pics.. So keep your eyes open, it goes really quick!


Back to work life.. for a bit

I finally got a job!

I had my first day today.. I’m working for a relocation company, so i’m basically packing stuffs in boxes and moving them from one place to another. Nothing amazing but it feels good to work hard and finally earn some money!!! The company is really busy so they are offering me work for at least the whole January, 5 to 7 days/week.. so i’ll do as many hours as i can during the next weeks and probably move on to the south Island in February… Unless a better opportunity comes up meanwhile? : )


Happy New year!


Happy new year dear followers!

If I look back on 2011, I can truly say that it was one of the best year of my life, soo much fun, epic times with friends and great experiences. I met awesome people and ended the year discovering an amazing country!! So I just can wish that 2012 will be as good as this past year. Hopefully with more stability and justice for the Arabian countries, less impunity for the bankers, and a taller president for France.

Back to New Zealand. I had one of the craziest new years eve’s, not necessary in the best way, because we unfortunately had really bad weather at the LA DE DA festival. The area turned into a giant mud pool and I got really sick on the 31th because of contaminated water (or too much booze?).. I had so much fun on the first night though, dancing like crazy in the mud to good music. I am happy about this experience. I mean, if you can survive this, you can survive anything right? : )

ladeda muddy festival

MUUUUUUD!! (copyright: Brady Dyer Photography)