Sunny Christmas

What a week! On Wednesday, I finally had the privilege to enter inside the Weta Workshop for a quick tour. I had to sign a confidentiality form first, strictly no pictures or reports of what you see inside are allowed (note to my Berlin friends: i almost expected to find Sven at the door)! I went trough all the different departments, make up, paint shop, modelling shop, arms factory, prosthetics, costumes, design, and so on.. I saw thousands of unique creations like amazing weapons, armours, costumes, prosthetic faces used in numerous famous movies! Unforgettable experience! I totally wish to come again and see people at work (it had just closed for xmas holidays), and obviously even more to get a job in this amazing world.

And then.. came the Christmas time! We spent the Christmas eve at Makara Beach with Kura, Chantale, Mikki and few other people. We walked around the rocks to finally reach the perfect spot with an outstanding view on the south Island and the sunset. Magic!

The next day, Kura and I were invited by Anna to spend Christmas with her adorable family. We had great food and champagne from 11am… It is quite usual here to spend Christmas with your family in the morning and then celebrate with your friends in the afternoon until late. That’s what we did, We joined some of their friends in a beautiful small house directly on the sea and we drank kiwi style! Well, I will never forget this first sunny Christmas, what an experience!


One thought on “Sunny Christmas

  1. jealous! but happy you had a great x-mas. the pics look amazing. we have no snow but wintertime is calling. actually now i could do with some snow and sun. bisous Skadi

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