Wellington bis

I realize this morning that i didn’t post anything in a week. Don’t worry guys, I am still doing good!! I unfortunately didn’t get my job interview at the Weta workshop yet, as they were really busy before closing this week for Christmas-holidays. I will have to be a little more patient, and wait until January to see if i can work there, and I’ll look for other options meanwhile.

Christmas time is coming at the end of the week, and it feels really weird to be at the very beginning of the summer here, while I am watching pictures of the recent snow drops in France trough my Facebook friends. It will be my first “Summer Christmas”, and also the first without my family. But I’m still very enthusiastic, as i got kindly invited to spend Christmas with Kura and some friends of her! (Christmas tradition in New Zealand seems to be orientated a little more to drinking and little less to eating than Europeans haha!)

New years eve will be also a great experience i guess, because I’m planning to go to the LA DE DA music festival, at Martinborough, the region where the best NZ wines are produced. Very exciting!!

By the way, of few pics of the last days:


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