“On the top of Wellington”

Literally “on the top of Wellington”. I left Rick and Jeanette’s apartment at the beginning of the week to move (=squat) in a new place. A big flat on the top of a 7 floor building with a large balcony offering a nice view on the main street of the city centre. Well, it is just amazing and I feel so thankful, again, regarding the hospitality of the New Zealanders.

The weather wasn’t very nice this week, so i couldn’t move much except for exploring the Film Archive, the City Gallery (Wellington has an outstanding Art scene and it is accessible for free). And i got the chance to follow Kura on a “delivery day” for her work. Getting from places to another to get some stuffs needed at the Weta workshop, the studios or Peter Jackson’s offices. I couldn’t see much from the inside because there is a very strict security policy for the visitors in order to keep secret all the shootings and ingredients of the movie. Still, I randomly saw at the studios some 5 meters fake tree, a few costumes and a wooden house village with a massive green screen on the back (to insert a digital background)… Which has totally excited my curiosity!

Well, I must be the luckiest guy on earth. At least, I feel like it right now. Because it looks like I’m getting my shot. Kura managed to get me a try for a job at the Weta Workshop!!! This means that I’ll be invited inside the workshop and meet the teams next week, and see if they have something for me, or in a more realistic point of view, if i can be any useful for them.

I think that i need to be more specific on this amazing opportunity. This workshop is the one that produced most of the weapons, costumes, armors, and many more accessories for the “Lord of the Ring” movies. And as I said before, getting inside is already a incredible privilege!!

The sun is out again. I wont miss the chance to get figuratively “on the top of Wellington”!


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