Sunny December

“Wellington is a cool city bro!”

I didn’t get a job, yet. I didn’t sell the van, yet. But what a great and positive week!

Firstly, my new hosts Rick and Jeanette are adorable, even if they were really busy this week, they have been really kind to me. They have a beautiful and spacious flat well located in the city centre. It is a real luxurious transition compared to my last weeks in the van. Rick offered me to join him for a fishing weekend, they have a boat next to their weekend house. I’m definitely in!

Secondly, I got in touch with Abe an English girl I met in Taupo 2 weeks ago, as i was told that she was in Wellington as well. She introduced me to some other friends of her, and we have been hanging out together since then. Last night we went to a totally crazy party, we met some awesome “cool kids” from Wellington. Especially Kura, (i miss some positive adjectives to qualify her, as she has been so kind to us!) that is working in the kiwi film industry. Me, Abe and Saf, my new buddies trio, are gonna have dinner with her tonight! Well, yes this city has definitely some good vibes!

Stay tuned!


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