Back to city life

Some pictures of the five last days in Wellington! Party time, sunny Christmas time (i will never get used to it!!), and some random photos of the city center.
Mikki, my Israeli travel buddy left this morning.. he is hitch-hiking back to Taupo to see a girl haha!
We spent the last nights in the van next to Melanie’s place.. but i will move tonight to stay by Rick and Jeanette. They are family-related to my very good Dutch friend Simon that i met in Berlin years ago. (thank you simon btw!!). I’m looking forward to meet them and to sleep in a real bed!

The mission of the week is: getting of fucking job! My plan at the cafe (previous post) didnt work out unfortunately, so i’ll do a tour of the hostels today and see if they are looking for someone..

Hector is still for sale, anyone interested? ; )


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