R.I.P. Gearbox

We left Tauro 3 days ago.. After 10Km, the gearbox suddenly broke down. I was unable to reach the third speed. Bad times.

We drove back to the city on the 2nd speed at 20km/h. It started raining. We went to a Ford Garage, and felt really bad as we saw the face expression of the mechanic. “It doesn’t look good for you guys”.. The first cost estimate was really really expensive, so we asked around for a more honest Garage.

The gearbox had to be replaced, we had to stay 2 days in front of the garage to receive a second hand one.. This experience will make me smile in a while.. but it really wasn’t cool at the moment. Trying to stay positive tough, it’s only material. And i’ll sell the van in Wellington for (hopefully) a good price to get some money back.

The gearbox has been fixed yesterday, so we drove 6 hours directly to Wellington. We are staying for a few nights by Celine and Chantale. Very friendly. It was so nice to settle down a bit, and finally relax after this sad episode. Now i have a new city to discover, and i already have a very good feeling about it.


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