Around Hot Water beach

We reached Hot water beach in the afternoon.. amazing place, again. At low tide, you can just dig a hole at a very specific spot and hot water comes out!! really hot water, i got almost burn on the first try…
We spent the night there, at the “surfer beach”. We met many other travellers on this spot, and we spent the evening all together on the beach. Playing guitar and flute, watching the shooting stars: magic! By the way, i was quite amazed to realize that the stars constellation are totally different than what you can see Europe.

In the morning, Corrina from Germany and Mikki from Israel, both hitch hikers, asked us if they could “take a lift” with us.. So we are now 4 on the road for a while. We went to the amazing “Cathedral Cove” together. (see the pics). and we kept driving south until we reached Mount Maunganui. We spent the night here, next to the beach. Our next destination: The great lake of Taupo.


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