Between Jungle and Ocean

We kept driving along the coast.. the landscapes are amazing! The jungle is flirting with the Ocean. The more we were driving north the more the roads were tiny, and steep. Quite amazing, we had the feeling to have reached the end of the world! Unfortunatly one tyre got flat, and as we didnt realised it we destroyed it. Fortunatly, some kiwi locals rescued us and we were really lucky because we had no tools, and there is almost no one there!!
We got the tyre fixed and we got back on the road!

Next step: Whitianga. Back to civilisation. Actually a bit too civilsed, a very clean town with almost only old and unfriendly people. It was quite hard to find a place to sleep over, or to get a shower!!! We couldn’t wait to move.
> Our next destination: Hot water beach, where you can find hot water sources directly on the beach! You just have to dig your own pool… More pics to come!!!


One thought on “Between Jungle and Ocean

  1. C’est magnifique, au moins aussi beau que la Sicile.
    Les outils, c’est parfois utile. Dommage que tu n’as jamais pris des cours de mécanique avec Elio ! Petit conseil : n’oubliez pas de contrôler régulièrement le niveau d’eau et d’huile. En cas de panne grave, vous pouvez toujours vous acheter des vélos.
    Bonne route !
    maman et Elio

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