The big House

Me and Cécile were randomly walking in the Area of Parnell yesterday, that’s how we first met Hector.

We met him in front of “the big house“, known by any pizza delivery in town. We spent the evening there. This house is a kind of community of more than 20 people from many countries. A huge house on 3 levels with many rooms, a large and busy kitchen, many music instruments, a fantastic garden, and an unique view on Auckland city centre from the balcony.

We met many interesting people telling their stories, travels and advices. I spoke french, german, and english. This place is a “world junction”. I wish I could have spend more time there.

Hector is a bit old, but he’s got much style, lot of travelling experience and we quickly knew that he was going to be our travel buddy.. We are going to hit the road together from tomorrow morning. I’ll post some pictures asap. Here we goooo !!!


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