Do you believe in Karma?

I have to tell you that story that happened yesterday

My host Cécile, is about to quit her job and leave Auckland.. by the way, she is gonna join me on my trip for a while, before moving to Australia. Which is really awesome!!

So, as every girl that has been living abroad for a while, she has way to much clothes to pack. (lesson N°1 for globe-trotters: travel light!!) And she had to get rid of some of them. Instead of throwing them away, i suggested her to bring them to Oxfam , the charity organisation. As she is working all day, and as i am a unemployed traveler, i offered her to bring the clothes there.

I had a quite long walk there, but that’s how i came to “the domain”, the park I described in my last post. Once i got there, the guy from Oxfam tells me that this is really kind from me, but they are not taking clothes donations here. FAIL! But he suggests me to try a the red cross shop…

Another long way but i finaly got there, and they were really happy about my donation. Mission accomplished ! yeah!

Do you believe in karma? well I think I will now. Right after this, I asked a random girl in the street my way to the next post office. She is really friendly and offers to take me there. We have a chat, i explain my situation and it turns out that she has been living 2 years in Grenoble and 6 months in Berlin! Well this is quite a coincidence. I explained her that i was  moving in the direction of Wellington and that i’ll probably try to work a bit there. She says that her mother has a bakery there, she loves French culture, and i she gives me her contact details “she will definitely have something for you, she is always looking for people”…


3 thoughts on “Do you believe in Karma?

  1. C’est encore bien Sören ! Aussitôt arrivé en Nouvelle Zelande, il est déjà entouré de filles : une qui va voyager quelque temps avec lui, une autre lui donne des tuyaux pour trouver un boulot, … On attend la suite !

    maman et Elio

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