Auckland’s Indignados part 2

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I went back to the squat of the “Indignados” in order to listen what the people there have to say. Really interesting experience.

I first sat with with 3 guys on a bank, they are organising a small festival this weekend, and were discussing all the details. So i listened to them for a while and as they were too busy to answer my questions i just kept walking in this squat-camping.. One guy came to me, and just said “hi, how are u doing?”

We talk about half an hour, and he explained me about their motivations, their political ideas.. and of course we were understanding each others.. About 200 people live and sleep here since about 3 weeks. It all started here after the squat of Wall Street in New york. Even if the movement started earlier in Europe.. Mostly in spain as far as i remember. I was wondering if all this was actually the consequences of Stéphane Hessel‘s successful book Time for Outrage (Indignez-vous!) (3,5 millions copies worldwide, translated in numerous langages and that i higly recommand if you didn’t get the chance to read it).

This man also told me that the movement have been spreading a lot during the last week, and there is now similar squats in about 250 cities worldwide. I told him my respect and support and promise to come back this weekend for a general assembly and free concerts and DJs acts. To be continued..



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