mon avion

Finally landed on the 4th november 2011, 8.30PM.

Here my first impressions, and whereabouts:

– 26 hours trip
– almost no sleep
– many asian people (Korean air)
– comfy plane but way too long trip for my impatient legs                                                    – the stop at Seoul was surrealistic, i was really lost, but funny experience

– NZ seems very green trough the plane’s window
– i easily got my visa stamp, friendly custom girl.. “Welcome to new Zealand”
– very strict luggage search, you can get a x hundred $ fine for just bringing an apple!!
– they didn’t find my Haribo smurfs that i brought to my host ; )
– got a bus to the city center, ” ho my god, they are driving on the left here as well”
– very clean roads
– everything is soo green! already noticed the pure and healthy nature just on the way from the airport.
– small wooden houses, with many New Zealand, and All Blacks flags everywhere. (> rugby world cup victory)
– Massive ad: “WE DID IT!” also related to the world cup
– got some NZ dollars from the ATM, always a funny things to discover the bills, the always look like monopoly papers..

and i finally got to my host, in a very nice house.


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